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My Skills

Lymphatic Drainage:

LDA1-Advanced Lymph Drainage Therapy.
LCDP2-Lyphedema/Complex Decongestive Physiotherapy (CDP), Certified Level II.
LLCC-LTD's Lymphedema/CDP Certification Level I, which combines bandaging coursework with lymphedema certification through The Upledger Institute's Lymph Drainage curriculum.
LTCOP-Lymph Drainage Therapy.
TLDT1-Teaching assistant for Lymph Drainage Therapy I.
TLDT2-Teaching assistant for Lymph Drainage Therapy II.
LDT1 Lymph Drainage Therapy I.
LDT2-Lymph Drainage Therapy II.
LDT3-Lymph Drainage Therapy III.
Lymph Drainage Therapy CPT.
Licensed Massage Therapist. (#MT105446)
Licensed Esthetician. (#1033932)

Other Qualifications:

Advanced Holistic Skin Care.
Classes in Body Treatment and Skin Care (Austria).
Methodology & Product Knowledge.
Facial Massage Technique.
Ingredients Technology.
Extensive training in eastern medicine (Beijing, China).
Energetic Work.
Reiki Master.
Chakra Tuning.

Articles Written

Interhair article: Building A Clientele In Your First Year And Beyond: July, 22 2005. Click Here to view.

Professional Associations / Memberships

ABMP, Novalt, International Association of Healthcare Practitioners, National Lyphedema Network