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Rosemary is a Godsend! I came in with lower back pain, numbness of feet, pain from a nerve down my leg, dizziness from an inner ear issue, sore neck and just all around stressed out. When I left there, I was on top of the world! Not only is she a precious and carrying person, but she is highly perceptive and knows exactly where to go on the body to eliminate the pain, heaviness and other issues. I'm so glad she is in my life and highly recommend her!



I first became a client of Timeless Elegance six years ago. I came to Rosemary after a botched back surgery and crippling migraines. At the age of 30 I was almost completely confined to my home. After consistent VP3 treatments I returned to my regular activities like horseback riding, traveling, and barre class. Rosemary has been a beacon of healing who has given me my life back. I highly recommend Timeless Elegance, Rosemary can fix any ailment.

- Laura


Rosemary treated my daughter's burn scars and did such amazing things that even the surgeons were surprised. Her treatments made it possible for my daughter to have a much less invasive surgery because she reduced the scar tissue so significantly.

For me, she is not only able to reduce my nerve pain with her lymphatic drainage treatments but she is a wonderful facialist and helped to stop an infection from a facial injury with stitches.

I cannot thank Rosemary enough for what she has done for me and my family.

- Anne


Rosemary is fantastic! I have been a client for many years.  She has a gift and always knows just the right thing that needs to be done to make my skin and me feel WONDERFUL!

- Cynthia


Rosemary is the best massage therapist, she knows everything the body needs from lymphatic to PBV vibration. She is devoted to her customers and runs on time!

- Sharon


When I first started seeing Rosemary about 6 months ago, I was suffering from debilitating migraines and spine pain, specifically low back. I was not functional and barely left the house. In the past, my condition had been worsened by physical touch and I was extremely distrusting and squeamish. In my first appointment I was too scared to have her work on my head and neck due to the migraines, and the area of my artificial disc in my spine. Now 6 months later and I really look forward to her working in areas that had not been touch in 3.5 years since my back surgery. Today I see her every week and I have not been this healthy and happy since before my back surgery. Rosemary has a magical intuition when it comes to the body, she knows what area to work on without me telling her. Due to complications from my back surgery my entire body gets severely thrown off and out of line, Rosemary works on everything. She can find the source of pain in a different location. She is also a wonderfully caring person, and genuinely wants you to feel better, which is rare in the field. Seeing her is the highlight of my week. 

- Laura


Rosemary not only been the key to helping relieve and keep my swelling under control, but she also is an amazing and patient educator. She has helped to empower me to do lymph drainage on my own arm. Starting from learning how to feel/asses through helping to ensure i know the correct motions and pressure to apply. She was able to do so in a way that made it seem much less daunting, tackling the teaching in small steps over time and ensuring we practiced together during sessions. She has also taught me a lot about compression garments and lymphedema that i had never learned anywhere else. The wealth of knowledge she has developed from seeing many patients over the years is invaluable. She has also been incredibly encouraging, uplifting and positive through my treatment experience. Rosemary is a miracle worker! I underwent treatment for breast cancer at 33, and right after my mastectomy, i developed both cording and lymphedema in my left arm. I received very little information about the condition from my surgeon, nurses and the hospital. Rosemary was able to help relieve my swelling, lymph buildup and perform manual lymph drainage incredible. I have received LDEX measurements periodically, and whenever i have recently seen Rosemary, the measurable swelling is much lower/ in the normal range. I would highly recommend Rosemary to anyone who goes through similar treatments, as she is not only able to help with lymphedema, but also help with circulation, swelling and scar tissue after any surgery.

- Amanda

My life wouldn’t be much of a life without Rosemary Gwin!!! This healing herb of a lady gets my body functionable! I would have extreme difficulty lifting my arms and even washing under my arms. My whole body would just feel heavy. After my session with her today, I’m as light as a feather. I feel more relaxed. I was in so much pain that I had blocked it out. Now the pain is genuinely gone and so is the swelling. If you have Lymphadema and it is messing with your quality of life, go see this healing herb and get set back to right!

- Sameerah

Testimony time! So I am embarrassed to say that I jacked my jaw up with a mouth guard I got from Temu. I have been in some serious pain for over a month now. Couldn’t chew on that side of my mouth and could barely close it. I stopped using the mouth guard of course but the damage was slow in correcting itself. My bottom teeth were hitting the top teeth on the right side like a hammer hitting a nail! My jaw got even more out of alignment as I babied it and barely closed it. I have been having an ear ache and pain on that side of my face up to my eyeball. I was just telling my dad about it before I went in for my treatment with Rosemary Gwin. He said “go to the dentist!” I was like dad I did. Long story short, about 30 minutes of her working on my back and asking me if I felt the vibrations on the front and me saying “not on the right side.”….. she fixed my jaw YALL!!!…. From working on my BACK!!! I can close my mouth properly and my ear ache is GONE!!! I am grateful and speechless. THANK YOU


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