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Customer Testimonials

"After radiation treatment of the head and neck area in 2000, by lymph glands in that area were destroyed. This caused issues with my ability to fight infection, as well as swelling in my face and other parts of my body. My doctor issued a prescription for lymphatic drainage massage, and I have been seeing Rosemary for this for several months, now. Rosemary uses a very gentle touch as well as medical-grade vibration massage to help the drainage of lymph fluid in my whole body. The results are dramatic. The swelling in my face and hand immediately vanishes upon treatment. I have also noticed an increase in my ability to fight infection. Rosemary also works on stiffness and pain in my back. Her intuitive perception about the location and type of treatment needed for my back issues is remarkable! I always leave Rosemary's stylish, comfortable spa feeling renewed and relaxed. I would recommend Rosemary for any of the services she provides because of her knowledge, professionalism and expertise."                                                            -  Educator/Trainer Dennie R., MEd  MA, 

When I first started seeing Rosemary about 6 months ago, I was suffering from debilitating migraines and spine pain, specifically low back. I was not functional and barely left the house. In the past, my condition had been worsened by physical touch and I was extremely distrusting and squeamish. In my first appointment I was too scared to have her work on my head and neck due to the migraines, and the area of my artificial disc in my spine. Now 6 months later and I really look forward to her working in areas that had not been touch in 3.5 years since my back surgery. Today I see her every week and I have not been this healthy and happy since before my back surgery. Rosemary has a magical intuition when it comes to the body, she knows what area to work on without me telling her. Due to complications from my back surgery my entire body gets severely thrown off and out of line, Rosemary works on everything. She can find the source of pain in a different location. She is also a wonderfully caring person, and genuinely wants you to feel better, which is rare in the field. Seeing her is the highlight of my week. - Laura

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! A friend gifted me a session with Rosemary, the lady with incredible healing techniques. He said he couldn't explain what she does. I had to experience it for myself. I figured I had nothing to lose but to check her out. AMEN! I am so glad I did!

During the past six months I had trouble raising my left arm, grabbing my shoulder in moments of pain. I had been given a variety of diagnosis including torn rotator cuff and a possible  frozen shoulder.  Just the slightest wrong movement was excruciating. Three weeks of two times a week at yoga classes and six months worth of visits to a chiropractor gave me temporary relief. I started to believe I had to live with the pain. One two-hour session with Rosemary made gave me hope. I could move my arm, pain-free! Who was this miracle worker?

I felt like I was floating when she was finished. I got off her table, raised both my arms above my head and my arms were even. No pain. Before I met with her my left arm could only reach four inches shorter than my right, it was so tight and knotted up. At that point, my left arm still throbbed.  She calls what she does body works. She reads your body for the healing it needs while she works on you. It wasn't just my arm that needed attention. Using her 25 years of holistic healing techniques, massage along with the use of two VP3s, Rosemary alleviated stress throughout my body. You have to experience time with her to understand how it all works and be healed by her experience! I wanted to skip out of her place, I was so excited!

It's no wonder she has clients who fly from around the country to see her.  It's a week later and I can still swing my left arm around as if I could pitch underhanded left-handed.  It's almost 100 %. I can move it without pain! I am still going to call and make an appointment! It's a gift I am going to give myself! - Cyndi, Certified Professional Dance Instructor